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Are you looking for skilled and dedicated employees from Sri Lanka? At Beta International, we specialize in providing top-tier candidates perfectly matched to your job requirements. We streamline the recruitment process, ensuring you get the right talent swiftly and efficiently.

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If you need quality employees quickly and efficiently, we're here to help. Please provide us with the necessary job visas, and we'll ensure you get the best candidates for your needs.

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  • Expertise in Recruitment: With 30+ years of experience, we understand the unique needs of businesses in Saudi Arabia.

  • Quality Candidates: We source highly skilled professionals from Sri Lanka, ensuring they meet your specific job criteria.

  • Efficient Process: We handle all aspects of the recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to managing visa applications.

Managing Director / OWNER

I, Muyeen, B.Sc. Engineer specialized in Electrical & Electronic, the owner of Beta International, assure our best and fast service.

If your esteemed organization is in need of manpower recruitment from Sri Lanka for the time being or in the future please contact me any time on my email / WhatsApp!



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